Brook Traffic Light Tool

The Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool complements organisational safeguarding procedures by supporting professionals working with children and young people to identify, understand and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours.

Using the Tool supports professionals to:

  • Identify behaviour and establish if sexual behaviour is typical or developmentally appropriate, problematic or harmful.
  • Understand what that behaviour is communicating and why the child or young person may be exhibiting the behaviour.
  • Respond appropriately, considering how the type of response will depend on what’s motivating the behaviour, what the behaviour is communicating and the severity of the behaviour.
  • Training on the Brook Traffic Light Tool is available in Somerset. The training and accompanying tool equip professionals to make consistent and informed decisions that neither stigmatise nor criminalise young people. Participants will learn about healthy sexual development, understand key laws relating to sexual behaviour and gain knowledge on enabling robust and meaningful conversations around harmful sexual behaviours that cause concern. For further information, contact
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