Cascade Pack

Each year the SSCP produce an annual Basic Awareness Cascade Pack to help organisations provide all of their staff with essential safeguarding information and updates.

Packs include all of the information and resources to be able to pick up and deliver the training within your setting, including up to date PowerPoint presentations, full facilitators notes, handouts, certificates and wider learning resources.

Basic Awareness Cascade Packs for 2023-24 Now Available!

There are 4 different packs available to purchase and instantly download:

Early Years & Primary 

Secondary & Beyond 

4-19yrs inc. Residential Schools & SEND

Non-Education & VCSO’s

New for 2023 – Basic Awareness eLearning!

To support with the dissemination of Basic Awareness training we have developed new Basic Awareness Child Protection eLearning, including the new Basic Awareness for Governors & Trustees, available on the SSCP Training Page now!

Basic Awareness for Early Years & Primary eLearning

Basic Awareness for Secondary & Beyond eLearning

Basic Awareness for 4-19yrs inc. Residential Schools & SEND eLearning

Basic Awareness for Governors & Trustees eLearning – NEW!

Questions about the Basic Awareness Training? Please see our FAQ’s

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