Young Carers

Young Carers 

Young Carers are children and young people who look after someone in their family who has a disability, a long-term illness, or is affected by mental ill health or substance misuse. Young Carers may look after parents/carers, care for a sibling, or other relative.

Their caring responsibilities can vary but can include: 

  • Helping around the house 
  • Looking after siblings 
  • Managing money 
  • Supporting with medication 
  • Personal care 
  • Organising and coordinating 
  • Communication assistance 
  • Emotional care and support 

Many children and young people may take on age-appropriate responsibilities in their families; the identity of a young carer is exclusive to those children and young people taking on additional responsibilities, beyond what you would expect for their age or specific to the cared for person’s needs. Providing care can have an impact on children and young people – positively, they can gain new skills, become mature beyond their years, and demonstrate their care for their family. 

At times, particularly when caring responsibilities become inappropriate or excessive, these responsibilities can have an impact on their mental/physical health, educational attainment, and attendance, cause social isolation and have long term socio-economic impact causing them not to meet their full potential. 

Support for Young Carers

To ensure Young Carers can access appropriate support, with consent, complete an Early Help Assessment so they can access a Young Carers Assessment.


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