ICON – I Can Cope: supporting Child Safety Week

ICON – I Can Cope, is a UK based programme aiming to:

1) Prevent abusive head trauma in babies caused by shaking

2) Provide advice on how to comfort a crying baby

3) Explore how to cope when it goes on for a long time.

This Child Safety Week, ICON is encouraging anyone who feels they are struggling that asking for support is normal and you can cope.

What does ICON stand for?

Infant crying is normal and it will stop. Babies cry for a variety of reasons (and at times for no reason). When you are tired and/or feeling under pressure, the sound of a baby cry can be difficult to cope with – this is a normal feeling. Getting support is a positive step for yourself and your baby.

Comforting methods can help to soothe your baby and the crying will stop. Calming techniques can provide comfort to your baby and ease their crying. It is important to remember that it is a normal reaction for some techniques to not be effective or not work each time you try them.

It’s OK to walk away if you have checked the baby is safe and the crying is difficult to cope with. This short space of a few minutes, can enable you to calm and then return to your baby.

Never, ever shake a baby this can cause life-long injuries or be fatal. Crying is a normal part of development and support is available to help you cope.

How can ICON help?

ICON encourages any parent that is struggling to reach out to family, friends, Midwives, GPs or Health Visitors to gain support. ICON offers a range of Resources, including a Crying plan which parents can use to help them remember comforting techniques and who they can call upon if they are experiencing a difficult time.

ICON for Professionals

ICON acknowledges the importance of support being available for parents and have created an evidence-based programme of touchpoint interventions which reinforce the messages making up the ICON acronym. More information can be found by visiting the Professionals page of the ICON website.

The SSCP provide e-learning to help equip professionals with the knowledge, information and skills required to discuss ICON with prospective parents. Book your training at eLearning : ICON-Babies-cry-you-can-cope (event-booking.org.uk).

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