Child Safeguarding Practice Review (CSPR) Child Charlie

Death of a 16-week-old infant in early 2020 whilst in the care of their father. Cause of death is the subject of ongoing criminal investigation.

Key Findings

  • Learning includes: future safeguarding practice will be strengthened by: reviewing the governance of multi-agency safeguarding arrangements for responding to the needs of children living with domestic abuse, including developing a practice toolkit and information sharing arrangements; a focus on safe outcomes for children living with domestic abuse as opposed to an incident focused response; developing the culture of partnership working and therefore individual and collective accountability for safeguarding children; a partnership agreement and approach to share information and analyse the needs of children living with domestic abuse.
  • Learning identified by individual agencies will support them to safeguard children by strengthening capacity to: recognise and consider the impact of domestic abuse on babies/children; identify the needs of a child/family; reflect on the needs of a child/family.
  • Recommendations are embedded in the learning.

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