Somerset Violence Reduction Partnership

Somerset Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) is part of Safer Somerset Partnership.  It is a multi-agency group whose focus is to prevent serious violence in Somerset. 

Somerset remains a safe place to live, however knife crime and youth violence is increasing and over 300 children a year in Somerset will be considered at risk from criminal exploitation.  In the last year, Somerset VRP have spent £363,231 on interventions for young people at risk of violence and this funding has provided early intervention for over 8000 young people.

In response, Somerset Violence Reduction Unit and Somerset Drug and Alcohol Partnership have jointly funded a hospital navigator project called Admit. This enables Turning Point Services to place project staff who are experienced at working with young people in A&E at both Musgrove Park Hospital and Yeovil General Hospital at peak times. The purpose of this is to offer help where young people may be at risk due to violence, exploitation or substance misuse. Turning Point workers also provide training and information on prevention services to A&E staff.

Male aged 15

…presented with an injury to his hand. He reports that on Saturday morning at 3am he was out, a car pulled up, 2 men got out and beat him up and stamped on his hand, pulling one of his nails out. He says they are associated with County Lines.

The young person agreed to ongoing support from SDAS YP Team & was allocated a worker. Due to the levels of concern a strategy meeting was held.

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